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Troost Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri represents a stark physical and symbolic division between race, income, education and opportunity.

how did we get here?

I grew up being told
"Don't go East of Troost"

Photo series "Seperation on Troost Avenue" by Nate Bush

I want to live in a Kansas City that doesn’t declare one area good or bad based on the type of people who live there or the opportunities they’ve had. I want to live in a Kansas City in which residents from all background, rich, poor, white, black, educated or not, can live together in community and unity

you are integral to creating this commnunity

what Can
you do?

Educate Yourself

This is just a peek into what you can learn about the division on Troost Avenue

check out these other resources.

driving Audio Tour of troost and the surrounding area

Blur the Line

You have the power to blur the line. Cross over and give to businesses and organizations that care deeply.

support these businesses and events

Thelma's Kitchen

Thelma’s Kitchen, a “donate what you can” café in the heart of Troost. Thelma’s Kitchen offers a safe space to come and enjoy community that crosses the unseen but very real barriers of the surrounding area

Reconciliation Services


Reconcilliation Services, run by Father David Paisius Altschul,the organization is focused on restorative conversations about Troost’s divided and troubled history. “We can’t create the sense of village, if we’ve not faced the traumas of the past.” Says Father Altschul about Troost’s reconciliation.

The mission and vision of Reconciliation Services is as follows:
“OurMission is to cultivate a community seeking reconciliation to transform Troost from a dividing line into a gathering place, revealing the strength of all. OurVision is that Kansas City, no longer divided by Troost, is revealed as a thriving and vibrant community inspiring reconciliation across the nation.” (Matthews,Justin)


September 21st 2019

“Troostapalooza” and “Troost RisingDay” are efforts to unify the city and bring life into the area surrounding Troost through festivals, celebration and conversation. The mayor and city council declared April, 20th to be “Troost Rising Day” as a token of support from the city for “the bringing together of both sides of Troost Avenue into a beloved community.”

Mark your calendars for September 21st, 2019 to celebrate Troost. This event means to coalesce the community and shine a spotlight on the vibrant local talent along the Troost corridor.  Troostapalooza is a free, family-friendly event located on Troost Ave. between 30th and 31st Street

7th Annual Troost Jazz and Soul Experience

Saturday, May 4th, 2019 at 7pm

You're invited to the 7th Annual Troost, Jazz and Soul Experience to benefit Reconciliation Services! You are in for a fun-filled night featuring unbelievable live Jazz & Soul music by local KC musicians and a special appearance by the Lincoln Prep Jazz Band! You can dine, dance, and enjoy our signature cocktail, The 3101. Get your picture taken in all your classic jazz finery, bid on some fabulous silent auction items, watch (and bid on!) the live painting, and more.

Join us in celebrating the strength and beauty of our community along Troost Avenue!

Troost Market Collective

Troost Market Collective is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization with a mission to engage the community, enrich creative entrepreneurs, and build a bridge between communities through programming and outreach.  The Troost Market Collective will host artists, makers, and innovators in collective, creative spaces. Through community collaboration, we aim to develop programming, host events and classes, and provide resources vital to the growth of creative entrepreneurs.

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Stories hold power.

sharing your story can propel change

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